Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jared's trip down memory lane...

I think every little boy, at one time or another, starts a baseball card collection - cause that's what little boys do. Jared is no exception; when he was little he would mow the lawn with his brother on Saturday mornings and as a reward his dad would take them to buy a pack of cards. (or he would steal them from his uncle Andrew, for which he says he has since apologized for) About a week ago, while going through his parents attic, he discovered his long lost collection - but it was a little bigger than he remembered it being.

In true Jared fashion, the collection has the most cards I've ever seen - but not just baseball cards, no, there are football and basketball cards too. Who even knew they made those! Some are carefully organized and preserved in binders while the rest are piled in little bricks filling an entire plastic storage container.

So for the past week he's had fun going through them all and resorting them. Every once in a while I'll hear "Look at this! Nolan Ryan rookie card!" or "Look at this! It's Ken Griffy Jr.'s DAD!" It's pretty funny. I don't know what we're going to do with all of them, but who knows we could be sitting on a small fortune - so Jared says!


Ryan and Marissa said...

Jared is a nut...

1725 Harvey Mitchell Parkway
Unit #1611
CS, TX 77840

Have fun this weekend:)
See you Tuesday!

Sharstin said...

Ok this is so funny--b/c Andrew has totally gotten back into the love of baseball cards. He has been buying big collections from people, and picking up packs when he is at Target. Then when we are relaxing at night--out come the cards--he loves getting them all filed and organized into teams, and he even bought a book that has all the valued prices in it. He says he is getting it started for Caleb--our crazy boys!! I'm sure they will love to compare cards--I will have to tell Andrew =)

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