Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Time Part II

Everyone always says "Your poor dad!" when I tell them I have three sisters, but I always tell them that he wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would we for that matter.

I remember begging my dad to let me stay up past my 8:30 bedtime when I was little so I could watch the rest of Monday Night Football, and I remember laughing hysterically with the rest of my sisters when he tried to teach us how to punt in the backyard (none of us quite got the hang of it!). Football is something my dad taught me to love, for which Jared is grateful I'm sure!

He also taught us how to shoot, mostly bottles or paper plates set on tree branches - we're still girls so we're not about to kill anything. But shooting skeet is the most fun, we always loved going skeet shooting with the boys in high school - especially to see the look on their faces when the only girls in the group pulled out two Brownings in perfect condition. Of course we had no idea that ours (borrowed from Dad) were the best guns in the group, pretty funny.

Dad still has the best shot, but Melissa takes the cake when it comes to throwing the skeet. Kellye is left handed so we're always a little nervous when she's trying to turn the safety on and off, love you Kel! And Paige's alter ego, "Hank", is a pretty good at target shooting. Mom, on the other hand, isn't too fond of guns in general so she is the photographer!

Kellye shooting, Jared shooting backup.

Melissa and Molly

Jared shooting, me shooting backup.

With four daughters I think he likes having a son-in-law!


Meghan And Peter Huntsman said...

Tyan! I just love love love your blog! I look at it all the time. You always have the greatest ideas and the prettiest pictures! look at my blog (I mean...mine and Peter's)

Hope all is well with you and Jared!

P.S. Someday you will photgraph my children!

Leah said...

My dad too holds his own with 3 girls, and just like you, we wouldn't have it any other way....neither would he

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