Thursday, May 15, 2008

All Hail

So a couple weeks ago I did a post about my latest favorite find, Hollywood Fashion Tape. Who knew so many of us are annoyed with clothes that don't stay put!? Since then I've tried out a different brand of fashion tape called Bug Catcherz to see if I like one better than the other and I have to say that Bug Catcherz gets my vote, hands down!

Bug Catcherz has a lot of different products that solve the problems that "bug" us, here are my non-biazed reviews of the two that I tried.

The "No See 'ems Too" are adhesive strips similar to the Hollywood Fashion Tape strips but come in three different sizes. The smallest are the same size as HFT strips but have a stronger hold so you can restick if you need to move them. The two larger sizes are great for fixing hems (HFT strips did not hold my pant hems up both times I tried). I used to have jeans for flats and jeans for heels but now I use the largest size for tacking my jean hem up so I can wear them with either! Revolutionary!

But the greatest of all are the "No See 'ems" which I'm pretty sure were made just for me. They are designed to hold the gaps in between the buttons of button-down shirts shut. I have a love for button-down shirts but have always hated how they gap open, hallelujah! I gave some of these out to friends and they are all crazy about them. Love, love love.

They are a little more expensive than HFT but well worth the difference. I even cut the strips in half sometimes - since they are stronger you don't need a whole strip on each side of your top, a half will do. Overall, they just give you one less thing to worry about all day and who doesn't need that!?

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