Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Office Makeover Part 2

Back in January I got my own office and it was so exciting. Nevermind that it was gray and halfway filled with filing cabinets - it was my own office! I was ecstatic. So my mom came up for a weekend and helped me de-gray it a little since I was struggling for inspiration and I forgot to post the before and after pictures, sorry! Thanks for all your help mom!







Yes, I really do get to read In Style magazine as part of my job. LOVE IT!


We put this fabric over the back of the bookshelf, it added so much!



Lori said...

Love the office remake! You are so lucky to have such a talented and fun Mom!!

Tyan said...

AND mother-in-law! I got double lucky!

Charlene said...

Small world! The president of In-Style Magazine, Stephanie George, was one of my instructors at modeling school in Philadelphia like 30 years ago!! She is from my hometown in NJ and I want to high school with her cousin. Tyan, you and I have so many connections that it's almost scary!!

molly said...

you are so cute! you have so much style girl!! hope you and jared are doing well!! p.s. i am gonna put you on my blog!

Ashley said...

Tyan I LOVE the office re-vamp!! It looks so great! I'm loving the fabric on the shelving area. Tell the ladies of CRS I said hello!

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