Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am pale

You know, it's not so easy getting a tan when you work in an office during all daylight hours of the week. My pale self has learned this lesson the hard way. I actually scared myself the other day when I was looking especially pale I guess. So after doing thorough research (the sheer number of magazines I get each month garauntees the thorough-ness) and testing many different products I've come to the following conclusion: I love Neutrogena Sunfresh tanning foam.

Yes, love is a strong word and I really mean it, I love it. I don't do tanning beds because of the wierd smell that they have and because I don't want to look like a leather boot in 10 years, so I've tried various tanning lotions, sprays, and foams hoping that I can get a little color and not look like an Oompa-Loompa. Here are the ones I've tried and what I do/don't like about each one.

Winner: Neutrogena SunFresh Foam

Likes: Easy to put on and dries quickly (5 minutes), natural subtle color, minimal streaking, and most of all - not so smelly!
Dislikes: Still a little smelly, but it goes away after 30 minutes or so

Second Place: Neutrogena Spray Mist

Likes: Super quick and easy to put on, not so prone to streaking, good color
Dislikes: Smelly, like for days

Third Place: Banana Boat Selftanning Mist

Likes: Quick and easy to put on, realistic color, not streaky
Dislikes: Really smelly, don't let the "Fresh Citrus scent" promise fool you

Fourth Place: Dove Energy Glow Subtle Self Tanner (lotion)

Likes: It's Dove, and I like Dove because I think they're a good company
Dislikes: Smelly, tricky to put on without streaks (what I've found with most lotions), goes on really light the first time and by the third time you're like "What the?"

Dead Last: Mystic/Spray Tan

Likes: takes 5 minutes
Dislikes: and another 45 minutes later to scrub all the streaks off! Not natural looking, really smelly, costs a lot, always problems with hands/wrists and toes/ankles being streakified

(how funny is that picture, doesn't she know her hair is going to be disgusting!?)


Sharstin said...

I'm with ya--there are some great sunless tanners---the mystics can get crazy! just like my last one when I was in Texas-it was a little blotchy--ah well--live and learn..

Em said...

This is a great post! I'm always curious which product really works. I'm with you on the smells though-so bad. I use to do Mystic Tan but just like you said, so streaky. I'll have to try the foam. Thanks for sharing, Tyan! :)

Let's hang out again soon. This month is crazy and next month I have weddings almost every weekend, but maybe July!? Ha!

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