Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beautiful girls


My friend, Megan, told me how magical pictures right at sunset look so I decided to try it on Saturday during my session with Alyssa and Lenea. Now I'm hooked! I love the warm glowiness (actual word?) and the vintage feel. It doesn't hurt that these girls are BEAUTIFUL, don't they look like future Anthropologie models!?




IMG_4796 IMG_4825



IMG_4660 IMG_4654




Sharstin said...

I think these last couple shoots at your parent's house have been your best--I love all the green pastures, the dogs, and those pears--love the color, and the earthiness (word?) and I have to say again--the light is unbeatable!I do love sunrise and sunset for shooting--so pretty :) I wish you could take our family picts--we need some bad!

Misty said...

Wow Tyan! I love these shots! And the last two are my favorite!

Mat, Chenae & Jackson said...

Wow Tyan, do you know I get "blog-envy" every time I look at yours. :) Also, I want you to do some jack/fam picts for me again in the fall so pencil me in...and start brainstorming how to make them your very best work yet! :)

becky said...

Love the swing one - it is so sweet!!!

The Armstrong's said...

So're amazing.

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