Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Peace out College Station!


Just for the weekend at least, I leave tomorrow to visit Jared in Chicago for 5 days, yay! I'm so excited to see him and hang out in the city together. We went last year with his parents and had such a blast so I can't wait to go back to some of our favorite places and discover some new ones. Here are some of the things on our list:

1. Run to each other when I see him at the airport like in the movies (okay, maybe that's just on my list).

2. Watch the fireworks over Lake Michigan.

3. Ride the train out to the suburbs and walk around pretending like we live there.

4. Have some Chicago style pizza and bratwurst (don't knock it till you've tried it).

5. Find the nearest Anthropologie and pretend that I live there (also just on my list).

and the most exciting of all -

6. Go see Cirque du Soleil!


We got tickets and I'm so excited!!! They are only in Chicago for two weeks so it must be meant to be.

Have a good fourth of July and be safe!


Meghan And Peter Huntsman said...

Tyan, I'm so jealous that you are visiting my home town! I could definately go for some chicago style pizza right now....and some of those good old fireworks over Lake Michigan. It's probably too late to tell you this, but Chicago has some really great museums. The Art Museum and the Science and Industry are some of my favs. And of course the amazing shopping down Magnificant Mile. So fun!

Charlene said...

I hope you have a fun time in Chicago. You have to add American Girl Place to your list. (Another attraction that will probably only be on your list!)
Also, if you ever visit Florida or the next time I'm in Houston visiting my friends I would love for you to take some shots of me. I think I'm ready to restart my modeling career.

Ryan and Marissa said...

You are SO welcome!!! I figured you were busy or something...hey, how was your visit to Chicago?! Sounds like you had some fun things planned! Ryan and I are going to be in College Station next weekend and the weekend after that moving our things into our I demand that we see you! It has been terribly too long. When does Jared get back?

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