Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obsession - Project Runway


Is anyone else as obsessed with Project Runway as I am!? Love it! Last night was the premier and I have to say I thought it was a little so-so. I don't have a favorite yet but boy am I glad that guy with the hideous white raincoat and yellow gloves ensemble got the boot.

I also can't stand this guy, Blayne:


He does kinda look like ET, huh? Anyway, he's obsessed with tanning and thinks he's the coolest thing in town - two of my biggest pet peeves! He also adds "licious" on the end of everything, which I'm sure is not going to get old at all.

The girls seem to have it together, I love the one from Africa! She made this awesome yellow kimono dress out of a tablecloth. So my tivo is set and I'm pumped for the new season. Now I have three months to work on our Heidi and Tim costumes for Halloween.


Ryan and Rikke said...

I am so glad you love this show too! Is it sad that I'm super stoked when I find out it's coming back and then sad when the season's over? I'm with you though, no favorites and so far not too impressed (except for the girl from Africa. I totally wanted that dress - tomatoes and all). I also think Jerell could turn out to be pretty funny - we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers that Blayne either stops talking or gets kicked off (mostly the latter). I promise I'll update the blog this week. I'm such a slacker...

Em said...

I love love love this show too, but we don't get Bravo anymore. So sad. And yes, he does resemble ET quite a bit. Good call. I'm always pairing up people with celebrity or animal look-a-likes! :)

Rhiannon said...

I am so there with you...LOVE PR!!! I was really hoping Blayne went home, he really bugged me, but the guy that got kicked off was also annoying. At least ET is lovable!

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