Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Too much fun


I just got back in yesterday from visiting Jared in Chicago and it was awesome! Other than flying on the WORST airline imaginable (who's even heard of AirTran?) and not getting to stay long enough, it was the best trip.

I landed at 7 on Thurs. night and we drove about 45 minutes to Naperville (a suburb of Chicago) where Jared is interning this summer. I got to meet some of the other interns, Sebastian and Pravin, that live right next door and they were so nice. We were starving so we ate at this Mongolian place that was so good. You get to pick out all the ingredients you want and then they grill it up for you right there! (I got raw shrimp juice on my hand and almost had an aneuryrsm and died.)

Then Friday we got up and took the train into the city. I was pretty fascinated with the whole train station, it felt so old-timey waiting for the train with everyone. I liked it.

CIMG2370 CIMG2382


While we were waiting Jared found this statue next to the train station. He really loves army men statues.


Then we read the title and laughed -


When we got to the city we went to the "Taste of Chicago" festival that was going on, it was pretty overwhelming. All the restaurants set up booths and you get to go around looking at and tasting all the different food. We didn't taste that much since it was REALLY crowded but we did find a rock wall, which of course Jared had to climb.


Then I was tired from watching Jared climb the wall so we walked to Milleneum park and laid in the grass.

CIMG2436 CIMG2432

Then this bird pooped on me.


The rest of the day we spent trying to break the world record for distance walked in one day. We're still waiting to hear back from Guinness.

Saturday we went back to the city again (yay train ride!) and shopped a little. Cirque du Soleil was at 4 and man, was it AMAZING! I mean I was prepared to be amazed, but I was not that prepared! It was really incredible. If you ever have the chance to see any Cirque show DO IT!! You won't be sorry!!



After trecking back to Naperville after a long day we were pooped (but not pooped on, that was the day before). Sunday we slept in, went to church, relaxed, and watched the BEST Wimbledon final in the history of man. Even though my beloved Federer lost it was still awesome to watch.


The best thing about Naperville in the summer is it only gets up to 75 or so during the day, with no humidity! We actually were able to go outside without wanting to die, so we grabbed some chocolate, a magazine and a blanket and went to the park for the afternoon. It was perfect.

CIMG2466 CIMG2469

We noticed there were berries in this tree right next to us so Jared went over and picked some. They looked tasty but actually were pretty yuck, too bad.

After an awesome weekend and a lot of fun it was time to board "Crummy Airlines R' Us" and head back to Texas. Getting to visit Jared after three weeks of him being gone made me realize that this is what I miss the most:


Six more weeks till he's home!

(On a side note, I had to take all of these pictures with my little point-and-shoot because my big camera decided to die last week during a session - lovely! Thank goodness Canon is awesome and is fixing it and sending it back this week.)


Sierra & Ryan said...

That looks like SO much fun! Chicago looks beautiful! Plus, amazing pics with your point and shoot---I would never tell! Quick question...what kind of Canon do you have?

Glad you had a great time---tell Jared we say hi!

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Six weeks is nothing, you've totally had worse.

Don't melt in Texas;)

Tyan said...

I have the 400D but am hoping to get the 5D soon!

Ryan and Rikke said...

Chicago sounds awesome! Ryan and are I planning a trip to go there sometime after he finishes training. You all should definitely come and show us around! Also, your post was hilarious (as usual). I couldn't stop laughing at the doughboy comment. Is it horrible that the name made me think of Ryan? Shh...don't tell him I said that.

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend and great photos, made me feel like I was there and reminded me of our great trip together to Chicago last year! This has been a long summer without Jared, when you said it had been three weeks I was thinking you mean three months!!! Loved the bird story. I could tell from the picture that it wasn't a "southern" bird-they know to poop on guys!

blog_meg said...

Tyan! You totally rocked these pics with your point 'n shoot! They are so cool! - Meg Anderson

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