Monday, July 14, 2008

My favorite little Mia!!

Mia 9

Since my camera died in the middle of the Gibson's session a couple of weeks ago I scheduled a reshoot for little Mia that we got to do on Friday. She is the smushiest (real word?) cutest little thing ever, we had such a blast!

Mia 7

Mia 6

Mia 8

Her bows and bloomers were so cute, and talk about the most gorgeous blessing dress ever! It was beautiful.

Mia 5

Mia 3

Mia 1

And one of my all-time favorites:

Mia 2

Don't we all feel like that some days?


molly said...

tyan!! you are so dang talented! how did you get so good? take pictures of my babies!!

christensen family said...

Tyan, I hope you don't mind that I looked at your blog off of Holly's. You are such a talented photographer. Shawn told me that you did some photography. I am definitely going to have you do our family pictures this fall. Kelly

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Precious, I wish I would have had pictures of YOU like these! So cute! Yes smushiest IS a word. LYMTWCS Mom

Tyan said...

Kelly - I don't mind a bit!! I would LOVE to do your family pictures this fall, it would be so fun!

Misty said...

TYAN!!! These are wonderful! Where is that blue background?? I love the one with her looking at her dress!

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