Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Makell!

Not only is Makell one of my girls from church that I get to see every Sunday and Wednesday (I'm in charge of the 12 and 13 yr old girls), but she's also my trusted assistant on photography shoots! I could not live without her!

Here's one picture from last Friday during an outfit change -


but there are countless others that she is almost in -




Happy birthday, you're the best! I hope your first day as a teenager has been great!


Rhiannon said...

Happy Birthday to Makell!!! I agree she was a fantastic assistant!!! With Makell assisting and you Tyan, behind the camera, is where all the magic is made! You are an amazingly talented person!!! Thanks for all these pictures!! Hmmm...if only I could figure out which ones to order and how big!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are awesome at what you do. Can't wait for you to take my little boy's photo!


Meghan And Peter Huntsman said...

Tyan..you are such a talented photographer! I hope that you can take pictures of our little baby when he/she arrives. Also, you have to make the announcement. You are so creative with all your ETSY cards. I am so excited about the baby and so happy that I have such talented friends to make it even more special!

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