Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I heart the Mamarazzi Workshop


A couple weeks ago I went down to Austin for the Mamarazzi Workshop by Sarah Q. of Roxy and Kai Photography, and it was AWESOME. We were there all day and learned a ton. We also got to have a mini session with this little cutie to practice! It was the best, there was actually another girl from College Station there so now we keep in touch!


If anyone is contemplating getting into photography, or if you just want to take better pictures of your kids, I highly suggest a workshop like this. You'll learn what you need and how to use it (and that Manual mode is your best friend, not just a scary M!).




And because I can't resist a cute "I'm losing it" picture:



m. & m. said...

Wow - tyan these are really really good. i'm totally inspired!

Sharstin said...

oohhh looks like so much fun--wish I could have gone!!I went on that mamarrazi site, and it was so cute. Are you doing the Sheye Rosemeyer workshop? If not, you should--looks like it should be really cool. Isn't she great?--I've loved her forever!

Tyan said...

I have too! I signed up last week when she announced it, I can't wait! October seems so far away!!!

Misty said...

Those shots are GREAT! I will check it out! I wish I had known! Austin is SOO close to me!

Becky said...


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