Wednesday, November 7, 2007


That's what we have with our little Chauncey, he is definitely a dog trapped in a cat's body.

  • He fetches anything from his toy mouse to hair clips, if Jared and I are both there he will take turns bringing it back to each of us, I guess he's trying to be fair.
  • He drags around this toy cat like it's his prey, all the while breathing through his mouth so it sounds like a dog panting.
  • And he can open just about any door that's not shut all the way (he either wedges his arm through until it pushes open, or he puts both paws underneath and pulls it open).

Quite a piece of work, and pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen!


Ryan and Marissa said...

Your cat is so cute. Our cat has an attitude...she's not much fun to be around haha. Sushi sounds so yummy! Could you go for dinner sometime next week?

Ryan and Marissa said...

hey! would tuesday night work for the two of you?

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