Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great costumes ... that I never posted

These alien twins were pretty hilarious (good job Ashley and Jamie!)

(where do you find a blue spandex bodysuit??)

But the all time winners are my parents dressed as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne - wigs, tattoos, and all - classic!

(doesn't my dad look thrilled!? It's so disturbing, yet so hilarious I can barely stand it)

I already have a halloween costume picked out for Chauncey next year, he's going to be a Rabbi with a little yamakah and all. Fun stuff.


Leah said...

I really can not believe that is your mom and! Were they going to a party or just handing out candy?

Tyan said...

Going to a party - and the best part is they were the only ones dressed up!

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