Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to get free magazine subscriptions...

Yes, I have a small addiction to magazines. I currently have subscriptions to Glamour, Lucky, Allure, Bazaar, and Real Simple. So maybe it's not exactly a small addiction - don't judge me.

But the great thing is that all but one of these I got for FREE!

I joined this online survey group called e-Rewards Opinion Panel (for free) where two or three times a month I fill out surveys about everything from car insurance to what printer I prefer, and in turn I earn "reward dollars" that I can exchange for lots of different things - I choose magazine subscriptions. I don't get any spam and the surveys are really quick, it's awesome.

Click here to check it out, enjoy!


Lindsey said...

I recently went to Barns and Noble and spent way too much on magazines... then, I remembered this little blog. So, I tried to join the club, and- well, currently they are not accepting requests to join their program...
Pays to be on the ball!

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