Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Santa

I'm in desperate need of a new watch. This is difficult because I get very attached to my watch and struggle to find one that I like. But mourning the loss of my watch I've had for eight years or so (Kenneth Cole men's watch that was perfection!) has been made much easier by discovering this little lovely!

Love this little ID case, cute and small.

I was stuck in an airport a few months ago when I wandered in to a Brooks Brothers store and fell in love. A good button down shirt just really does it for me, but a non-iron button down - STOP IT! I wanted to scoop up an armful right then and there but they are a little pricey, so I've admired from afar. There's just something about a crisp white button down.

One of my family's Christmas traditions is a bottle of new perfume in our stocking (and cologne for Dad!). I look forward to this every year, these are some scents I'm loving right now.

Love these nature necklaces. The acorn one is J.Crew and the leaf one is Urban Outfitters - both under $50!

I also like this little red bracelet from Kitson, can you tell I need new jewelry!?


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