Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coffee table chicness

I really love looking through big art and photography books, especially the hardbound or vintage ones. They also look really nice on a coffee table or shelf as decoration (very Pottery Barn-esque).

Here are a couple you might like for yourself or to give as a nice Christmas or hostess gift.

This new one from Phaidon looks pretty awesome and is relatively inexpensive at $29.00.

The Great Masters of Italian Art - $15.98, Wonders of the World - $19.98, and Italy: Antique and Modern Genius - $9.95.

And my personal favorite (that I will have someday!) The Art of Florence - $138.75.


All About Hair said...

They also have great coffee table books for the art of "hair". Google Serge Normant, he is the best, it sits on our coffee table right next to Jennifer's book of fine Chanel Jewelry. The Hotel ZaZa uses pictures of Serge Normants work to hang on the wall on the Spa Floor.

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