Friday, February 15, 2008

Another fun-filled Tyler weekend

I was born and raised in Tyler, TX which is about three hours from where we live now. People have a really common misconception that it is a po-dunk (real word?) cow town, which is pretty funny considering College Station isn't exactly a thriving metroplex (although it is a perfectly sized college town). Tyler is about 150,00-200,000 and is growing like crazy at the moment. It has pretty good shopping and restaurants, a nice mix of chain and local places, famous roses and azaleas, and is home to the Greenberg turkey. ( If you haven't tried a Greenberg do yourself a favor and order one next Thanksgiving, hey Oprah does! )

Ryan and Marissa, some friends of ours, are coming with us so it should be a really fun weekend. I hope you have a good one too!


All About Hair said...

It was so great to see the girls! I hope you LOVE LOVE your hair.

Ryan and Marissa said...

Jared and Tyan- We had so much fun!!! Love ya'll to pieces! :)

Meghan And Peter Huntsman said...

You've been tagged, go to my page and read the rules!

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