Monday, February 25, 2008

Ode to Wellies

Wellies, galoshes, rainboots ... call them whatever you like, I love them all. I got a pair last year before going to New York because it was supposed to rain the whole time (it didn't), so I lugged them all the way there and all the way back and then stuck them in the back of my closet. They are really really cute (black outside, pink inside) but I could only wear them when it rained so it made me kind of sad.

Then one clear sunny day I decided that if I wanted to wear rainboots, I was going to wear rainboots. So I did, and have worn them whenever I feel like it ever since!! I'm very happy with this decision. The bonus is that if it is rainy or wet outside you can channel your inner five year-old self and splash in every puddle from the parking lot to Target if you want to (I happened to do this from time to time and I highly recommend it). So feast your eyes on these little lovlies (all from Target), and feel free to wear them whenever you so please.


Meghan And Peter Huntsman said... Yes, I would love for you to e-mail the ideas. sometimes I think I'll just wait because we'll soon be able to buy a bed, but then I'm like ya know....forget it, I can't wait any longer.

m. & m. said...

I am totally into the wellies thing and yet at this time I don't own any. I think it's because I want them to be perfect and I can NEVER choose. If you look on amazon there is an endless supply and it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to choose!

Matt Pierce said...

Why am I spending more time on your blog then on mine?

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