Thursday, February 7, 2008

A much needed kitchen makeover


I love the town home that we rent. It's big enough for what we need and pretty inexpensive, but the icing on the cake is that they let us paint to our heart's content! We've painted just about every wall in the  place and it has made a HUGE difference. But no matter how much paint you have there's really no getting around the older appliances and ugly medium toned wood cabinets in the kitchen. We just called up our landlord and asked if we could paint the cabinets and they said they'd come out and do it for us - AWESOME! So I picked out an ivory color to brighten the place up and a week later they looked brand new! 


But I couldn't stop there, the DIY bug bit me last week and during a trip to Home Depot I went a little crazy. They had "hammered silver" spray paint that I thought would look great for the cabinet pulls (previously gold), and I also wanted to make a new pegboard wall to hang above the stove like this one from Design Sponge. 

So $40, two cans of spray paint, a few drill lessons later I was pretty pleased with our new kitchen. It's bright and happy and even has a little vintage feel with the green pegboard. Who knew?

                                               Before                                                                                   After


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!It looks so bright! The pegboard is cool, but with the recipe holder it's even better:)

Em said...

good work lady! I love your light fixture!

Lindsey said...

That looks great! Did you have to use oil based paint for the cabinets?

I hate that stuff!

Tyan said...

I'm not sure about the paint, our landlord sent someone to paint them for us so I'm not sure what they used. And the light fixture was a great find at World Market!

Sharstin said...

Total difference--I love white kitchens!! way fun peg board too..

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