Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photoshop here I come

So I may be the only person on earth that has no clue how to do ANYTHING in photoshop, nada. I discovered that we could order the software at a discount since Jared is a full time student (glad there are some kind of perks for paying all this tuition, besides a degree of course) so I ran over to campustech.com and snatched up the new CS3 version with grand hopes of being able to teach myself the ropes in no time. After loading it onto our Mac mini and clicking around for about 30 minutes I had made the same amount of progress I probably would have made by pressing my forehead on the keyboard for 30 minutes straight - wonderful.

So, thoroughly discouraged, I googled everything I could about photoshop for beginners and was quite unsatisfied with the loads of books, DVDs, CDs, and other learning materials I came across. I don't want to read a long book or go through online lessons, I want a download straight to my brain - I just want to know, no learning, just knowing.

After coming back to reality and realizing that I wasn't going to learn through osmosis by holding the box, I found out that the city College Station has tons of "Extra Education" classes (listed here) and Photoshop is one of them - halleluja. Yesterday was my first class and it was awesome. There are ten of us and I'm the youngest by about 40 years, it's so great. I'll never get left behind and I can ask all the questions I want! ( I'm dying to know how my senior citizen classmates even know about Photoshop considering my dad still types with two fingers - love you Dad! )

Anyways, turns out they have tons of cool classes like salsa dancing, basket weaving, critter gardening (not quite sure), guitar basics, and more. Yes, some may be a little geared to grandmas but hey, I like old people and I'm always up for making new friends so my geriatric photoshop class gets two thumbs up.


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