Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Goodies

Valentine's Day is the very definition of a double-edged sword, I understand this. If you're single you read about all of the romantic stories and want to barf, if you're in a relationship you want to gush over your significant other - making all the disgruntled single people barf. So I'm going to leave out all of the mushy stuff and just say that I'm very, very grateful to be married to my best friend.

We decided not to do big gifts this year since we can't find that dang money tree! But I did kinda sneak one - I made a photo book (online) of all of our pictures from our first year being married. It's called "The Adventures of Tyan and Jared: Chapter 1" and it just so happens that the delivery date was Feb. 14th, how convenient! It was so much fun going through all the pictures from our honeymoon, decorating our first townhome, our first holidays, etc. I think it's a good tradition and am ecstatic that all of those "2006 Pictures" are no longer haunting me from the computer making me feel guilty for being behind on my scrapbooking.

So tonight we are getting some Olive Garden to-go, giving each other our Valentine's cards and eating at home, I love it. Happy Valentine's Day Love!

(and thanks mom for the Valentine's day care package!!!)


Sharstin said...

Tyan, this is are so fun huh! I actually made one for Andrew too.. we are so exicted to see you guys next week!

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