Friday, February 1, 2008

Feeling like making some stuff...

I get in these kicks every once in a while where I all of a sudden have a million ideas of things I can make/redo around the house and I don't know what to do with them all. Usually this is followed by a trip (or several) to Hobs or Home Depot and each project requires A LOT more time than I originally plan on.

Here are a few that I'm pretty pumped about:

Dark cork board display by design*sponge

Clips for hanging prints by poppytalk

Printable self-mailing notecards from How About Orange

And when I have a lot of time, and the right chair I will attempt to give it as good a makeover as this one also from design*sponge

We'll see how this goes...


Sharstin said...

Fun! I am always getting into projects as well--I love it. I have actually wanted to make one of those corkboards-but I for sure love the dark corkboard--way cute!

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